What is a digital seal?

The company stamp is a print containing all the information identifying a company. Including: company name, company address, company contact information, RCS number...

The company stamp is used to authenticate all administrative documents.

This stamp may be affixed to all official company documents. For example, they may be quotes, invoices or other professional document on which the company must be identified.

With KEYMO, the traditional corporate stamp has evolved into a digitalized version.

In addition to the features offered by the stamp, the digital seal allows to:
 Secure company documents,
 Gain time for everyday administratives tasks.
 Reduce costs related to stamping (ink, rubberstamp...)
 Increase productivity
 Electronically  sign documents 
 Adapt to new technologies

Why use a digital seal?

Affixing an electronic seal does not imply any commitment on the part of the company with respect to the sealed document but ensures the integrity and authenticity of the document.

The denomination 'electronic seal' requires by default to meet the criteria "advanced or advanced with qualified certificate" with the same principles as for the electronic signature.

The use of an electronic seal (advanced, qualified certificate) rather than an electronic stamp (simple) depends on the value that one wishes to give to the sealed document. Documents deemed sensitive or of high value may be specifically subject to an advanced seal with or without a qualified certificate. 

Which documents should be signed with a digital stamp?

 Financial reports

 Maintenance and production follow-up report
 Intellectual property documents 

Cache your documents with the KEYMO™ stamp.

Discover the unique stamp that allows you to seal and sign digital documents wherever you are without a network connection and without paying a subscription.


KEYMO - electronic signature and stamp without subscription

Manage and protect your digital seals

The KEYMO ™ stamp allows you to protect all your business stamps with a PIN code.

All data stored on the electronic stamp is protected in an ultra-secure component of the KEYMO™ stamp. This component is none other than the same component used in bank cards and ID/passport cards.

To learn more about other electronic signature formats, go to the following sections.

Other electronic signature formats

Digital stamp

Just like the ink pad, set up your digital stamp to affix using the KEYMO™ and its mobile, tablet, or PC app.


Digital signature

Once your personal signature is registered, you will be able to apply it to any digital document from your mobile or from a third party.


CES 2020 - KEYMO - signature et tampon électronique
BYSTAMP, elected among the winners of
Innovation Awards 2020  at CES Las Vegas